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. its best to believe in any religion (monolithic / divine) openly and practice it ? its good not to believe in any religion; openly and declare it ? its worst to carry a tag of religion and do not believe or do not practice it completely or carry secret beliefs to display differently ? its worst to call any religion evil, it doesn't over rule to express any universal evil (which is accepted or may be proved) in any believer of any religion at an appropriate forum ? its good to accept any universal good (which is accepted or may be proved) expressed by any religion believer or even non-believer of any religion ? And the war remains between evil and good ?. . . For introduction read other posts as well: Individuals are cordially invited to read and watch. https://vimeo.com/channels/814969 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW00rTKFywFlrkhDRGqVyoVlrCLwNaqFi

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Zionism ? (Promotional Trailers)

Zionism, Global Political Ideology, World Political Ideology, Satanism (Religion), Luciferianism (Religion), Judaism (Religion)

Moses and Jesus PBUT are Muslms ? (Promotional Trailers)

Moses Muslim, Jesus Muslim, Christianity&Judaism, Monotheism (Belief), Moses PBUH, Jesus PBUH, Common Faith, Common Belief, Christianity (Religion), Judaism (Religion), موسٰی ؑ,عیسیؑ ,عیساٗیت,یہودیت

Mind Peace ?

Mind, Peace, Brain, Balance Thought, Evil Vs Good, Test, Trial, Tribulation, Stress, Strain, Black Mailing

Marry (مریم ؓ) and Jesus (عیسٰیؑ) ?

Marry, Jesus, Marry & Jesus, Christianity, Maryam, Essa, Maryam & Essa, مریم  ؓ,عیسٰی  ؑ,عیساٗیت

Love Watching Media / TV ? (Promotional Trailers)

TV, Media, Present Media, News, Perverted Media, News Channels

Light in the Darkness ?

Light, Darkness,l ight in the darkness, Under Sea light, Light in Living beings, Light for Living beings