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. its best to believe in any religion (monolithic / divine) openly and practice it ? its good not to believe in any religion; openly and declare it ? its worst to carry a tag of religion and do not believe or do not practice it completely or carry secret beliefs to display differently ? its worst to call any religion evil, it doesn't over rule to express any universal evil (which is accepted or may be proved) in any believer of any religion at an appropriate forum ? its good to accept any universal good (which is accepted or may be proved) expressed by any religion believer or even non-believer of any religion ? And the war remains between evil and good ?. . . For introduction read other posts as well: Individuals are cordially invited to read and watch. https://vimeo.com/channels/814969 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW00rTKFywFlrkhDRGqVyoVlrCLwNaqFi

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Monotheist vs Polytheist

In the name of Allah
اللہ (THE GOD) ,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful 

Monotheist (حذب اللہ) vs Polytheist  (حزب ظاغوت)

Monotheist (حذب اللہ) doesn't mean any specific group/org but all those who are struggling/fighting against evil forces to form a true Islamic society (   جہاد فی سبیل اللہ ) while abiding by the Quran & Sunnah (شریعت) & only for true & complete implementation of Quran & Sunnah (شریعت), not part & partial for personal desire or to bluff non-believers.

Satan inspired the Jews (which they considered as God's inspiration) not to believe Prophet Jesus PBUH, being special & chosen people, a special race, created enmity against Christians,

on the issue of crucification, divided Christian into two groups to believe that Jesus PBUH has been crossed,

where as a group believed in the truth that Jesus PBUH has been lifted by Allah (God) & will return & sent by Allah (God) again,
but once the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ arrived, they all denied Prophet Muhammad ﷺ .

On the issue of succession it inspired few Muslims & divided the Muslims that some one else on the basis of race should be successor other than those who have been mutually selected on overall merit, instead of including true Quranic & Propheticﷺ teachings (monotheism-Islamic) as well, no need of struggle/Jihad, being chosen people of God & rest all are gentile, due to special evil  knowledge. Zero error syndrome.
On the issue of guidance inspired few Muslims to restrict to just a family/racial group based on race instead of including true  Quranic & Propheticﷺ teachings (monotheism-Islamic) as well, no need of struggle/Jihad,  being chosen people of God & rest all are gentile, due to special evil  knowledge. Zero error syndrome.On the issue of conduct inspired the few Muslims to restrict to just inner belief & look like non-believers, do not look like what one believed; so that get into non-believers & get favor from them & harm them in return in the name of religion, demonise religion,  instead of including true Quranic & Propheticﷺ teachings (monotheism-Islamic) as well, no need of struggle/Jihad, do whatever one believes regardless of divine revelations, being chosen people of God & rest all are gentile, due to special evil knowledge. Zero error syndrome.They all believe to exploit any human being, deceive them, damage their property, rob their resources, whether he is Muslim or from any other religion, mixed up the God's inspiration & evil inspirations to believe that Messiah would come, which they already denied, once the Satan failed to fulfill its self created claim to rule the world, in arrogance against the Allah's (God's) created viceroy  human being, two times; once Britain as headquarters, second USA as headquarters, demonizing both; now third & last time its trying to inspire for a world rule by Messiah/Anti-Christ/Dajjal & selection of another state as headquarters, which must appear but it would be false Messiah, a representative of Satan not Allah (God). A choice for every one to choose their leader, with lot of pressures & torcher or free will.

Now all these evil inspired groups are working together, helping each other against the will of Allah (God), but the Allah's (God's) will would prevail, but after lot of trials & tribulations. Allah (God) is not unjust, the guidance had been coming time to time, neither any one can blame Satan (Allah's creation) nor Allah (God) to be unjust, and what ever the evil inspirations were/are actually a test from Allah (God) to segregate & separate those who are true believers (monotheists), who believe in Allah (God) & the Prophet of the time from those who either believe in Satan's commands or believe in him along with Allah (Polytheism).

All may have certain time limit each to repent after which their repentance would not be accepted by Allah (God).

Those who are having secret friendships (not open or diplomatic relations) with Jews & Christians, other non Muslims, it must not be considered as loyalty but deceit to throw them in a fire pit, although few must still remain heedless for the last promise of Allah (God) to become admonishing for others, its the caliber of both to judge those who are bluffing & getting benefits of their ignorance are true or those who are inviting openly them towards truth in-spite of their ruthless, barbaric & inhuman behavior are true.

The warning or admonishing only benefit those who believe whereas, those who disbelieve would ultimately become victim of Allah's (God's) wrath here & if at all not here then surely hereafter, then they have no blame against those who had been warning them for the misfortune that would inflict them surely. At time few wars are fought between hippocrates & non-believers to segregate believers & non-believers for another clear war. The approach (only literary /only intellectual / only scholarly)  that one has knowledge that one event will happen like Armageddon or any other event so small that of small event of a person, if one gets excited and starts working humanlessly for this event to happen or stopping it; early or blindly or make it happen blindly is evil, no one can change the event but change one self, to believe or disbelieve, the monotheist (Allah's or Godly) approach is to act righteously what ever may come & be with righteous people & help righteous people. And even if encounter enemy (evil), encounter them as these are required to be encountered forcefully but without prejudice & feelings of revenge. Most evil groups/institutions have a preemptive approach; an evil approach, believing just own self on right track & rest all on wrong, they take even a slightest voice between two person as against them, even slightest personal routine actions they take against them, without any investigation or certification or clarification, just either kidnap or kill innocent individuals on one pretext or the other or torcher them by all means available in the name of state/religion/sacred family/sacred race/sacred group instead of openly declared ideology and struggle. The worst creatures of the universe, wearing various masks/dress/uniforms/authority.

All homosapians are one single tribe/generation from single homosapian & first human being Prophet Adam ES ( آدم ؑ). Those who have trouble to trace back Prophet Adam ES ( آدم ؑ), they may easily trace Prophet Noah/Nuh (نوحؑ) with scientific evidence as till Him all the humanity was drowned under water except His spouse, three sons & their spouses.


Later all humanity is their generation. But the divine function or responsibility is on the people of belief in Allah, not forced but as matter of choice, either believe in Allah become viceroy or not believe in Allah stay as you feel like, make your own rule, do as you feel like separately, but do not ask for any share in vicegerency of Allah as a fair rule of disbelief in Allah.

Some people have misconception that Islam is just 1400 years old but more than 7000 years old. The copy of physical text of authenticated available Quran is 1400 years old. Although original is as old as the intention of creation of universe.There might be isolated scriptures which might be original & preserved between period of about more than 7000 years-5600 years earlier but not complete or comprehensive and latest updated scripture like the latest the Quran. Functions are run on latest updated & authenticated manuals not on old preserved partial & parts. However this does not over rule the belief that there are/were old scriptures of Islam as well like Torah (تورات), Bible (انجیل), Psalms (زبور) etc which are much more older than 1400 years, these were completely protected at that time, when these were applicable on certain people but not at present on all.

There are people who changed the name of their original religion from Islam to their desired name. The people who cause sectarianism & clash are those who do not believe in the present updated & latest scripture/divine revelation (وحی) not those how brought it by the will of Allah/God (اللہ). Although most of them regardless of their religion (even Buddhist) believed in Prophet Abraham ( ابراہیم ؑ ), a monotheist, a Muslim, ancestor of; Prophet Moses ( موسیٰ ؑ), Prophet Jesus ( عیسیٰ ؑ) and the last Prophet Muhammad (ﷺمحمد).





  • Translation by Pickthal (others as well)
  • Translation may not be necessarily the version of the original text (Quranic Arabic). Cannot be quoted or taken as fact against any one rather meant for the self analysis, not generalization or specifying any meaning of any verse in scholarly or literally sense, but at the spot instructions under specific set of conditions.


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