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. its best to believe in any religion (monolithic / divine) openly and practice it ? its good not to believe in any religion; openly and declare it ? its worst to carry a tag of religion and do not believe or do not practice it completely or carry secret beliefs to display differently ? its worst to call any religion evil, it doesn't over rule to express any universal evil (which is accepted or may be proved) in any believer of any religion at an appropriate forum ? its good to accept any universal good (which is accepted or may be proved) expressed by any religion believer or even non-believer of any religion ? And the war remains between evil and good ?. . . For introduction read other posts as well: Individuals are cordially invited to read and watch. https://vimeo.com/channels/814969 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW00rTKFywFlrkhDRGqVyoVlrCLwNaqFi

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


In the name of Allah
 (THE GOD) اللہ
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

فرقہ واریت
Applicable to Muslims and all human communities (just by changing the names of sub groups).
Greatest Bigotry of the Millennium
United Nations - Name shows unity of nations whereas all the members are states and a very few countries represent a specific nation like German, Korean, Japanese, Iranian, Chinese, Italian, Russians etc whereas most are remnants of colonialism and few represent only a race instead of an ideology.There is no representation of Islamic or Muslim Nation (Ummah).
Organization of Islamic Conference - Name shows an Islamic Organization; all the members are states. Muslims are supposed to be an organized nation (Ummah) whereas state is a political division of a federation retaining a degree of autonomy. If there would have been Muslims there would have been only one representative in UN representing all Muslim nations/states instead of more than 50. The biggest cause of sectarianism and terrorism

..A concern of a Muslim is to invite an individual to the only one God, if it is believed its good, if it is not believed its bad for hereafter for individual,the only one God may still keep life of this world unaffected because of mercy& justice, if some one after understanding the complete ideology stays unarmed un aggressive its fine for both, its choice. but if one becomes armed and aggressive against the believers its not fault of the ideology or the one who invites but the individual who individually accepted enmity, its choice . . .no compulsions. . . . may be different than the sponsored media projections . . .. the defense against intruders or invaders is generally projected as terrorism. . ..

Translation by Pickthal (others as well)

Translation is not the substitute of the original text (Quranic Arabic). Do not quote or take the text as fact against any one,
only meant for the self analysis not generalization or specifying any meaning of any verse.


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