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. its best to believe in any religion (monolithic / divine) openly and practice it ? its good not to believe in any religion; openly and declare it ? its worst to carry a tag of religion and do not believe or do not practice it completely or carry secret beliefs to display differently ? its worst to call any religion evil, it doesn't over rule to express any universal evil (which is accepted or may be proved) in any believer of any religion at an appropriate forum ? its good to accept any universal good (which is accepted or may be proved) expressed by any religion believer or even non-believer of any religion ? And the war remains between evil and good ?. . . For introduction read other posts as well: Individuals are cordially invited to read and watch. https://vimeo.com/channels/814969 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW00rTKFywFlrkhDRGqVyoVlrCLwNaqFi

Thursday, November 26, 2015


In the name of Allah
اللہ (THE GOD) ,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


The reader of the Quran is inspired to be a proponent and activist for justice. Each in his or her own capacity is to struggle for the propagation and implementation of tawheed; which at the socio-economic-political level translates to justice. In this context exemplars are put forth in the forms of prophets. The exemplars are shown to "materialize" their spirituality in the face of fear, hunger, loss of personal resources, both belongings and health (even life) and to even see the fruit of their endeavors go down the drain. The Quran describes their fear, grief, longing, etc in the midst of all these trials. And then the height of their spirituality is praised for persevering for their cause in spite of all these internal and external situations of unrest.

The "sukun", or inner peace, is described almost as a side-effect of their efforts and definitely not something they sought rather something they were transiently given to taste.

Their commitment to their cause and conviction of faith allowed them an ideological tranquility that allowed for them to persevere but that's not synonymous with what we popularly understand as "inner peace".


. . . various dimension may be kept while concentrating or over emphasizing just one, the physical dimension relates to certain physical energy level (over coming or control of 7 built in human needs to be fulfilled for being normal human), this termed as "inner peace" by most, to achieve or believe this an individual doesn't have to be necessarily a Muslim, this dimension is even used by Satanism but by use of negative forces / process, since they need human ultimately to do or compete certain job, influence or to get influenced, so there isn't much of difference, now it has been termed & being taught as a modern science (notoriously used to be called as black magic), means to hypnotize people for certain objective through various means media, people etc, just a difference in process may be some one doing as spiritualist, peer, guru, etc, a form of inner peace attained by most elite, most inherited or blind transfer of knowledge follow this ? . .
. . . the invisible dimension relates to believing in a supernatural being, as a creator / sustainer of the universe and its creations, Allah, angles (Archangel etc), divine revelations (Quran, Bible, Torah, Psalm etc), divinely selected humans, Mehdis or representatives of Allah (Prophets / Messengers / Patriarchs / Leaders / Nabi, Muhammadﷺ as last Nabi) against representatives of Satan (Dajjal) , which relates to the purity of soul, not the gain of human energy, although its supplemented by it ? . . .
. . . the lust to gain / impart certain human energy level for certain un divine purpose may seem to be peaceful for certain individual / community but its terrorism in it essence as we witness global din creators without any openly declared defined objective or choice to people, a ruthless inhilation of humanity in the most brutal manners, from WW1 till to-date in the so called "war against terrorism" a bigotry ? . . .
. . . where as divine will has its own natural process, which may be different for each and every individual / nation and natural time for certain energy level and certain purity level of soul for each individual, the people who believe in preemption (mostly Satanists etc ) they try to destroy the divine balance in nature, by promoting exporting evils, stressing / torturing / with holding lawful needs people are targeted, thinking themselves as God of their fellow humans, forcing them to do things jobs against their nature, disturbing and manipulating their private affairs, forcing them to accept them as god of their all affairs, hindering / delaying routine affairs, causing losses to life / respect / property etc ? . . .
. . . where as divine peace or divine spirituality invites towards volunteer belief / respect / practice / implementation even towards the Allah the creator / sustainer, people free to invite, free to accept, and free to choose their leaders or even lead ? . . .
. . . off-course use of the all available force when the evil comes out of its limits or starts disturbing the divine balance . . .
. . . it might not be the spirituality which demands sacrifice of inner peace, since inner peace is not faith so its related to energy, but the energy level which being inspired by satanism, for certain gains & objectives ? . . .

Translation by Pickthal (others as well)






Translation may not be necessarily the version of the original text (Quranic Arabic). Cannot be quoted or taken as fact against any one rather meant for the self analysis, not generalization or specifying any meaning of any verse in scholarly or literally sense, but at the spot instructions under specific set of conditions.

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