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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Favourite Human Relations !

  • (اعوذبالله من الشيطان الرجيم)

In the name of اللہ (THE GOD), the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Basis for Human Relations

Humanity or Global; all humans are a family, offsprings of a single human pair.

Country; all citizens are sharing common geography.

Provincial; all inhabitants are sharing common resources.

City; all occupants are sharing common facilities.

District; all dwellers are sharing common administration.

Societal; all individuals are sharing common interests.

Organisational; all members are sharing common goal.

Institutional; all employees are sharing common policies.

Religious; all followers are sharing common spirituality.

Ideology; all believers sharing common beliefs.

Company; all customers are sharing common financial interests.

Racial (Nation); all racists/nationals possess similar racial characteristics.

Family; (blood, uterine, suckle) all family members are a family, offsprings of a single pair.

The most indiscriminate human relation is the natural relation; Humanity and Family and the most strongest relationship is ideological.

For Reading

Dispositions, gazing into the amazing, colorful global crystal of human life by Ahmed K. Nazir, M.D. (Grafiks Gava) http://www.amazon.com/Dispositions-Gazing-Amazing-Colorful-Crystal/dp/1434353729
Islamic Philosophy of Human Life by Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, (Minhaj-Ul-Quran Publication) http://www.union.ic.ac.uk/medic/muslim/articles/generous.htm

  • Translation by Pickthal (others as well)
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  • Translation may not be necessarily the version of the original text (Quranic Arabic). Cannot be quoted or taken as fact against any one rather meant for the self analysis, not generalization or specifying any meaning of any verse in scholarly or literally sense, but at the spot instructions under specific set of conditions.

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