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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Territorial Disputes

In the name of Allah
اللہ (THE GOD),
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Territorial Disputes

The solution of territorial disputes:

1. The areas must be clearly marked as belonging to one party & second party & disputed/commonly claimed.

2. If much of the population (having same ideology) & area is not affected on both sides the areas must be divided by geographical features like mountain ranges, rivers, streams, or any other prominent geographical feature, the rivers/streams must be divided longitudinally but not laterally as in between.

3. If much of the population is not affected, after geographical division, the population must have choice to join either side.

4. If majority of population is living with in a prominent geographical feature it must be given choice to join either side.

5. If there is dispute for some areas or some population between the parties, a third neutral & credible party jointly acceptable to both parties must give choice to the population in question to decide, to join either side along with the area being resident.

6. In case of #SeaDisputes or #IslandsDisputes, the Sea or Islands be divided between the territories half way, each half towards the territory with which these are affiliated.In case of more parties / territories the smaller parties / territories be done first larger latter, for adjacent territories the lines extends at the end of the territory perpendicular to the coastal line.

7. This may not be solution to each and every problem but guide line or principles, there may still be cases where matters may have to be decided by deliberate effort but main point remains that for every issue or problem, the solution remains same, whether its done at the time or before time or afterclash or war ?


All homosapians are one single tribe/generation from single homosapian & first human being Prophet Adam ES ( آدم ؑ). Those who have trouble to trace back Prophet Adam ES ( آدم ؑ), they may easily trace Prophet Noah/Nuh (نوحؑ) with scientific evidence as till Him all the humanity was droned under water except His spouse, three sons & their spouses. Later all humanity is their generation. But the divine function or responsibility is on the people of belief. Some people have misconception that Islam is just 1400 years old but more than 7000 years old. The physical text of Quran is 1400 years old. There might be isolated scriptures which might be original & preserved between period of about more than 7000 years-5600 years earlier but not complete or comprehensive and latest updated scripture like the latest the Quran. Functions are run on latest updated & authenticated manuals not on old preserved partial & parts. However this does not over rule the belief that there are/were old scriptures of Islam as well like Torah (تورات), Bible (انجیل), Psalms (زبور) etc which are much more older than 1400 years, these were completely protected at that time, when these were applicable on certain people but not at present on all. There are people who changed the name of their original religion from Islam to their desired name. The people who cause sectarianism & clash are those who do not believe in the present updated & latest scripture/divine revelation (وحی) not those how brought it by the will of Allah/God (اللہ).

The just world order of Soc-Pol-Eco system; All human beings are one tribe (democracy-suggestion) - but few have edge due to responsibility (dictatorship) or Theo*democracy - Controlled Capitalism (few good from communism), any exception or variation is a global disaster.

Translation by Pickthal (others as well)


Translation may not be necessarily the version of the original text (Quranic Arabic). Cannot be quoted or taken as fact against any one rather meant for the self analysis, not generalization or specifying any meaning of any verse in scholarly or literally sense, but at the spot instructions under specific set of conditions.

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