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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Favourite Prophets !

Favourite Prophets !

In the name of Allah
اللہ (THE GOD),
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Prophets (Messengers/Anbia) PBUH (peace be upon him/them)

All homosapians are one single tribe/generation from single homosapian & first human being Prophet Adam ES ( آدم ؑ). Those who have trouble to trace back Prophet Adam ES ( آدم ؑ), they may easily trace Prophet Noah/Nuh (نوحؑ) with scientific evidence as till Him all the humanity was droned under water except His spouse, three sons & their spouses. Later all humanity is there generation. But the divine function or responsibility is on the people of belief. Some people have misconception that Islam is just 1400 years old but more than 7000 years old. The physical text of Quran is 1400 years old. There might be isolated scriptures which might be original & preserved between period of about more than 7000 years-5600 years earlier but not complete or comprehensive and latest updated scripture like the latest the Quran. Functions are run on latest updated & authenticated manuals not on old preserved partial & parts. However this does not over rule the belief that there are/were old scriptures of Islam as well like Torah (تورات), Bible (انجیل), Psalms (زبور) etc which are much more older than 1400 years, these were completely protected at that time, when these were applicable on certain people but not at present on all. There are people who changed the name of their original religion from Islam to their desired name. The people who cause sectarianism & clash are those who do not believe in the present updated & latest scripture/divine revelation (وحی) not those how brought it by the will of Allah/God (اللہ).

All Prophets PBUH warned their followers about; God''s (اللہﷻ) a creation; Jinn, Satan (devil) and its Allies (visible or invisible), luring through people’s feelings of lust for women, income, status in a society, authority, material possessions and wealth, race, knowledge, place, affiliation with land or son of the soil etc against those who have been bestowed by the God “Allah SWT” for test.
The deniers of all Prophets PBUH were also victims of one or more of these lusts. Like there is/was no religion as “Judaism” or “Jewism” it represents a race of Yaqub/Israel (PBUH) , the followers of Moses PBUH were “Muslims” with same God as of Ibrahim PBUH and all other Prophets PBUH, there is/was no religion as “Christianity” it represents an affiliation, the followers of Jesus PBUH were “Muslims” with same God as of Ibrahim PBUH and all other Prophets PBUH, and today only true followers of the Prophets/true divine revelations can stay at peace.
And the same theory is present in the sects and sub sects of all religions. There is no religion except Islam which accommodates believers of the only one God and followers of different Prophets PBUH in spite of the fact that Muslims firmly believe that Muhammad PBUH is the last messenger, the     non-believer of Prophet Muhammad PBUH may be a believer (in the God) but cannot be a Muslim.

It is believed and considered to be 124 thousand Prophets "Nabi" passed, 313/315 of them were Messenger "Rasool".  But 25 of them (by name) are mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Most proud and arrogant scholars do not give the status of a normal human or a post man to a Nabi ES/Prophet PBUH/Messenger PBUH, where as these were chosen people by Allah SWT (The GOD), although there had been rightly guided and worst scholars as well during there time, they had been helping/opposing them as per their nature and qualities. The sacrifices were given by the  Nabi ES/Prophet PBUH/Messenger PBUH and their believers whether friends or families or pacific people who believed them all.

Also read for reason of difference in view among major religions:

Adam (peace be upon him), آدمؑ, Adam (peace be upon him)
Children of Adam
1. Created from clay
2. Without Father or mother
3. Eve (Hawa) created from Adam PBUH
4. Habil (Abel) and Qabil (Cain)
before 5000 BC Appx

Idrees (peace be upon him), ادریسؑ, Idris/Enoch (peace be upon him)
before 4900 BC Appx

Nuh  (peace be upon him) نوحؑ Noah (peace be upon him)
First Messenger/Patriarch/Prophet
Ark at Mount Judi/Turkey
1. Building of Ark
2. His spouse, three sons & their spouses
3. Huge floods
4. Annihilation of people due to polytheism except believers
4850-3900 BC Appx
Baqa’a Valley in Lebanon.

Hood  (peace be upon him), ھودؑ, Hud (peace be upon him)
People of Ād (eastern Yemen and western Oman), Ubar
1. Annihilation of people  by 7 nights 8 days wind storm due to polytheism except believers
2. Iram (of pillars)
2150-2000 BC Appx

Gabr Hud, Qabr Hud, Wadi Hadramaut, Yemen, Arabia

Saleh  (peace be upon him), صالحؑ , Saleh (peace be upon him)
People of Thamud, Madian
2. The explosion stuck the community except believers
3. Houses in Mountains
1958-1900 BC Appx
Mada'in Salih, in Hijaz, or in the Hadhramawt

Abraham  (peace be upon him), ابراھیمؑ, Ibrahim (peace be upon him)
אַבְרָהָם , Αβραάμ
Ur in Iraq Syria, Palestine and Egypt
1. Wife Hagar
2. Safa Marwa (mountain)
3. Rebuilding of Kaba (House for Allah’s prayer),
stone with feet marks
1861-1686 BC Appx

Loot  (peace be upon him), لوطؑ, Lot (peace be upon him)
People of Sodom and Gomorrah,Dead Sea
Annihilation of people of Sodom and Gomorrah due to homosexuality (polytheism), except believers
1861-1686 BC Appx

Ishmael  (peace be upon him), اسماعیلؑ, Ismaeel (peace be upon him)
People of Arabia
1. Zam Zam (water well)
2. Sacrifice of lamb
3. Son of Ibrahim PBUH
1781-1638 BC Appx

Isaac (peace be upon him), اسحاقؑ, Ishaq (peace be upon him)
יצחק, Ισαάκ 
People of Canaan
Son of Ibrahim PBUH
1761-1581 BC Appx

Yaqoob  (peace be upon him), یعقوبؑ, Jacob (peace be upon him)
1. Son of Ishaq PBUH
2. Patience
1671-1534  BC Appx

Yousuf  (peace be upon him), یوسفؑ, Joseph (peace be upon him)
1. Wisdom, dreams interpretation, beauty
2. Cutting of apple party
3. Silver Cup
4. Step brothers threw in well
5. Canal 1000 days
6. Son of Yaqoob PBUH
1466-1521 BC Appx

 (peace be upon him)
(peace be upon him)
Annihilation of people of Midian due to cheating /dishonesty/ idolatry (polytheism) except believers
1521-1640BC Appx

Ayub  (peace be upon him), ایوبؑ, Job (peace be upon him)
People of Job
Father of Dulkifl PBUH
1640-1548  BC Appx

Dulkifl  (peace be upon him), ذوالکفلؑ, Dulkifl/Ezekiel (peace be upon him)
Son of Ayub PBUH
1505-1430    BC Appx

Musa  (peace be upon him), موسیٰؑ, Moses (peace be upon him)
1.Brother of Aaron PBUH
2. Stick turns to snake
3. Way through water
4. Burning Tree
5. Pharaoh (Remises-II)
6. Talked to the only one  God
7. Hand Glow
1432-1312 BC Appx
South of Jericho and 20 km east of Jerusalem in the Judean wilderness

Haron  (peace be upon him), ھارونؑ, Aaron (peace be upon him)
1. Brother of Moses PBUH
2. Casting of gold calf by Samri
1439-1317 BC Appx


Daood  (peace be upon him), داودؑ, David (peace be upon him)
Leader/Prophet/Messenger (King of Israel)
Zabor (Psalms)
1. Slew Jalut (Goliath)
2. Father of Suleman PBUH
1043-973 BC Appx

Suleman (peace be upon him), سلیمانؑ, Solomon (peace be upon him)
Leader /Prophet/Messenger (King of Israel)
1.Queen of Sheba,  Bilqees, Hudhud, throne
2. Ants
3. Jinns and kingdom
4. Conversation with  living creatures
985-932 BC Appx

Ilyas  (peace be upon him), الیاسؑ, Elias (peace be upon him)
People of Elijah
900-200  BC Appx

Yasa  (peace be upon him), الیسعؑ, Elisha (peace be upon him)
900-200  BC Appx

Younus (peace be upon him), یونسؑ, Jonah (peace be upon him)
People of Jonah (Nineveh),
Tigris River NW of Baghdad, Mousul
1. Swallowed by Fish
2. Only nation which was saved from annihilation through repentance
900-200  BC Appx

Zakiriya  (peace be upon him), زکریاؑ, Zachariya (peace be upon him)
1. Patron of Maryam
2. Birth of Son Yahya PBUH
220-100- BC Appx

Yahya (peace be upon him), ؑ یحییٰ, John (peace be upon him)
Son of Zakiriya
30-1 BC Appx
Jama Masjid Damascus

Esa  (peace be upon him), عیسیٰؑ, Jesus (peace be upon him)
Gospel (Anjeel)
1. Son of Marry, no father
2. Cure of diseases
3. Giving life to dead
4. Second arrival
1-33 AD  

Muhammad or Ahmed  (peace be upon him and His believers), محمد او احمدﷺ, Muhammad (peace be upon him and His believers)
The Last Nabi/First Global Leader/Messenger
Mankind, Globe
1. Annihilation of disbelievers (polytheist) through peace and forgiveness even after attacked several times a few died as well
2. Establishment of a peaceful society at Arabian Peninsula and extension started.
571-632 AD
Medina, Arabia

Translation by Pickthal (others as well)


Translation may not be necessarily the version of the original text (Quranic Arabic). Cannot be quoted or taken as fact against any one rather meant for the self analysis, not generalization or specifying any meaning of any verse in scholarly or literally sense, but at the spot instructions under specific set of conditions. 


change or variations in links may be considered positively once do not work  

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