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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Favourite Celebrations !

Favourite Celebrations and Special Occasions (specialy related to days) ! The Independence/Freedom/Liberty !

February 3, 2013 at 6:15pm

In the name of Allahاللہ (THE GOD) ,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Celebrations are expressed on special occasions by the believers of a culture in accordance to their belief bestower.

Few points to be reminded while celebrating special occasions !

1. It should not extend beyond the circle of people concerned
2. No creation of sense, deprived of that, with in circle of people concerned
2. Unconcerned people shouldn't be affected in any aspect, including publicity/invitation and projection
3. Organized with in the parameters of the standard set of beliefs, what one claims to believe, by choices or by accident
4. It should not be a out come for a commercial drive
5. There should be optimum expenditures and extra may be shared with the deprived
6. Competition should not be the part of it rather harmony
7. Informal arrangements makes the occasion enjoyable
8. Harmful and prohibited items should not be served
9. Arrangements (expenditures) should be made for all necessities than on any superfluous
10. Due consideration for sitting arrangements for ladies, old and children
11. Climatic, geographical, religious and cultural conditions should be considered
12. Purposeful towards the objective of celebration
13. Considerations to avoid opposite gender abuse for young
14. Voices and noises/lights restricted to own circle only
15. Inviting others for positive intention and purpose

Translation by Pickthal (others as well)

Translation is not the substitute of the original text (Quranic Arabic). Do not quote or take the text as fact against any one, only meant for the self analysis not generalization or specifying any meaning of any verse in scholarly or literally sense but at the spot under specific circumstances.


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